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We Inspect, Repair, Maintain and Install:

22 Antares Dr., Unit J
Ottawa, ON K2E 7Z6

T: 613-727-9111
T: 877-343-9111
F: 613-727-9112

Custom Inspection and Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Allard Fire Protection Inc. provides custom inspection & maintenance programs to suit your needs through various codes, insurance companies, fire departments, or in-house safety requirements.

Upon completion of our inspections, you will receive a professional and easy to read inspection report.  If there are any deficiencies or recommendations, they will be presented on the front pages of the report.  All deficiencies will have a cost to repair, and we do not proceed with repairs until proper approval is given.  If there are no deficiencies or if all deficiencies have been repaired, an inspection certificate is issued.  This documentation should be kept readily available upon request by your insurance company or local fire department.