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Ontario Fire Code Excerpts


Section 2.7.3 Exit Lighting and Emergency Lighting
(2) Emergency lighting unit equipment shall be inspected monthly to ensure that:
(3) Emergency lighting unit equipment shall be tested
(a) monthly to ensure that the emergency lights will function upon failure of the primary power supply, and
(b) annually to ensure that the unit will provide emergency lighting for a duration equal to the design criteria under simulated power failure conditions. 

Section 6.2 - Portable Extinguishers
Maintenance and testing of portable extinguishers shall be in conformance with
NFPA 10, "Portable Fire Extinguishers."
Portable extinguishers shall be inspected monthly.

Section 6.3 - Fire Alarm and Voice Communication Systems for Life Safety 
A fire alarm system, with or without voice communication capability, shall be
inspected and tested in conformance with CAN/ULC-S536, "Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems."
Monthly & annual fire alarm tests are required as per CAN/ULC-S536. "Note: A fire alarm inspection is not a sprinkler inspection."

Section 6.4 - Standpipe and Hose Systems 
Hose stations shall be inspected monthly to ensure that the hose is in proper
position and that all of the equipment is in place and in operable condition. 
(1) Standpipe hose shall be inspected and re-racked annually and after use, and
any worn hose or gaskets in the couplings at the hose valves and at the nozzle replaced.

Section 6.5 - Sprinkler Systems 
Sprinkler systems shall be maintained in operating condition. 
Exposed sprinkler piping hangers shall be checked yearly to ensure that they are kept in good repair. 
Sprinkler heads shall be checked at least once per year to ensure that they are free from damage, corrosion, grease, dust, paint or whitewash. 
(1) Except as provided in Article, the alarm on all sprinkler systems shall be tested monthly by flowing water through the test connection located at the sprinkler valve. 
Waterflow alarm tests using the most hydraulically remote test connection shall be performed annually on wet sprinkler systems. 
(2) Dry-pipe valves shall be trip tested annually. 
Sprinkler system water supply pressure shall be tested annually with the main drain valve fully open to ensure that there are no obstructions or deterioration of the main water supply. 
(2) Transmitters and waterflow actuated devices shall be tested every 2 months.
(3) Valve supervisory switches, tank water level devices, building and tank water temperature supervisory devices and other sprinkler system supervisory devices shall be tested at least every 6 months.

"Note: A fire alarm inspection is not a sprinkler inspection."

Section 6.6 - Water Supplies for Fire Protection (Fire Pumps and Fire Hydrants) 
(1) Fire pumps shall be operated at least once per week at rated speed. 
Fire pumps shall be tested annually at full rated capacity to ensure that they are capable of delivering the rated flow. 
Hydrants shall be inspected annually and after each use in accordance with Articles to 
Hydrant water flow shall be inspected annually in accordance with Article

Allard Fire Protection Inc. provides services for all of the above.  Please see our services section for more information.