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Did You Know:

We Inspect, Repair, Maintain and Install:

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Did You Know...

  • Building insurance rates could drop with properly operating fire protection systems. However, if the insurance company does not receive verification of systems inspection, penalties in the form of higher insurance rates apply.
  • Regular inspections of fire protection systems will help reveal problems (if they exist) long before they become major, thus saving you money.
  • Recent court decisions have held building owners and managers liable because they did not have a fire sprinkler system in a building, which had a fire.  Even though sprinkler systems were not required in these buildings by fire or building codes, owners still had to pay out millions of dollars.  Similarly, an owner or manager of a building with a fire sprinkler system would be held liable is he failed to maintain that system in a working condition. - C.A.S.A. FYI Brochure
  • Since Vancouver has made sprinklers mandatory in new homes in 1990, there has not been one fire related death in sprinklered homes. No deaths in 18 years, that’s amazing!
  • It is the law to inspect and maintain fire protection systems as outlined by The Ontario Fire Code.